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Before Ms BROWN, I’d spent my whole adult life working towards, and eventually, becoming, a journalist and every so often I still get the urge to write and share what I’m reading, seeing and learning. So here goes… A place to turn my daily online browsing, shopping and eating into “work”. This is fun for me. Let me know if it is (or isn’t!) for you.

Erdem via New York Times.


New York Fashion Week has been taking over my feed this week - but I’m not really in the mood for new trends today, just old ones… I love a long frilly dress. One of my most favourite garments to wear is my white vintage Victorian-era night gown. The lace is beginning to disintegrate but I just love the long mutton sleeves, high, yolked neck, frilled cuffs and volumes of simple cotton linen fabric that drape the floor when I walk. I adore Doen’s imagery and have my eye on their white dresses for summer. My mum, when I appear in yet another long and floaty white dress with lace or broderie anglaise, describes my style as “old fashioned”, thanks mum. Anyway, that’s a long winded way of saying that during my morning NYFW scrolling, Batsheva really caught my eye so I googled her... According to the New York Times, these prairie dresses, are part of a wider, and political, trend - read about it here on the New York Times

A harrowing story you should read on the ongoing fashion manufacturing crisis in Bangladesh via Business of Fashion. I love fashion but I don’t love this. The fact these atrocities are still occurring five years after the Rana Plaza collapse that killed 1100 people, is appalling.



Sydney Contemporary is on this week. I went with my dear friend H and baby M, to the opening on Wednesday for a first lap. So many wonderful galleries under the one roof, it’s just amazing. Last year, we purchased our first gown up piece of art there - by Michaye Boulter at Arthouse Gallery. They are there again this year - Josh Yeldham’s new works are stunning. Also a must visit - my clever friend Jerico is exhibiting her gallery Jerico Contemporary, there for the first time - she’s showing beautiful new works by Danish artist Christiane Spangsberg and the incredible multi-talented Holly Ryan. I really want one of her sculptures! Looking forward to heading back there for a second lap this weekend. I also have my eye on a Dorothy Napangardi piece from the print room…

Poly Surry Hills


My brother in law and his girlfriend gave me a voucher for my birthday to Poly - the new bar/restaurant by the talented team at Ester. It’s next door to the fantastic Paramount House precinct and across the road from Chin Chin. This little area of Surry Hills is now bursting with so many cool bars, restaurants and more recently, even a hotel (with the cutest, wallpapered lift in Sydney) and a seriously chic health club. Coincidentally, a dear friend suggested we try Poly for dinner on Thursday night - it didn’t disappoint. From a cabbage hater - try the cabbage! And the mandarin meringue was a dream.


One of the best parts about being the online editor at Vogue Living was seeing inside the most beautiful homes from all over the world and selecting which we would run as house tours online. I don’t work there anymore but I still pour over them like it’s my religion. A favourite from the latest issue here.  A stunning pre-war apartment in Warsaw with the sort of panelling and herringbone floors that make me weak at the knees. Incredible layering of modern lighting and mid-century furnishings by Marta Chrapka - everything old is new again.


Yes, it’s an awful buzz word/s but I really believe in it. Each week, I try to carve out some time for self care, especially now that I’m self-employed. With Ms BROWN consuming my thoughts day and night, it seems more pertinent than ever to take some time out to switch off and recharge. I feel this helps me do my job better, be more creative and be a better wife, daughter and friend. Last year, I discovered acupuncture and it’s magical powers for inducing the most rejuvinating power naps I’ve ever experienced. I’m not sure that’s the point but I really love that aspect of it. If you’re based in Sydney, try The Acupuncture Collective, a wonderful way to find out if acupuncture is for you.


I’ve been deep in code this week. Well that’s a slight exaggeration, my coding skills are somewhat amateur, but you get the idea. We’re rebuilding the Ms BROWN website currently so we can bring you lots of excellent new features (Afterpay anyone?!) and make the online experience the best it can be for you. Stay tuned…

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