How to wash wool and cashmere

How to wash wool

The easy and natural way to clean wool and cashmere.

There are two main ways to wash wool and cashmere (and no, dry cleaning is not one of them), the first, by hand and second, using your washing machine.

Machine wash

Yes, you read that correctly, you can wash wool in the washing machine. This is also the simplest method. Most front loader washing machines today have a gentle cycle or even a specific wool wash cycle. Key is to ensure the temperature is warm enough to shift dirt but not so hot it will shrink your garment (around 30 degrees). Always select a slower spin cycle, which is gentler on clothes. 

  1. Turn garment inside-out then place in machine, using a garment bag if you like. Avoid washing one jumper alone if you can, firstly, it’s a waste of water and secondly, it’s better if the garment has something soft to bounce against as it goes around.
  2. Add Ms BROWN Wool & Cashmere Wash to detergent section of machine, following directions on bottle, and press start.
  3. Once the cycle is finished, depending on your machine, you might need to remove excess moisture by lying your garment flat on a towel and rolling, like a sleeping bag, squeezing gently as you go. Gently pull your garment into shape, if required. Lie flat on a towel or rack to dry. 

Hand wash

  1. Half-fill a bucket or the bathroom sink with lukewarm water. Add approximately one capful of Ms BROWN Wool & Cashmere Wash to the water and swish around to disperse detergent (our wash has excellent moisturising properties so your hands will love it!) 
  2. Immerse your garment in the water, gently swirling around for a moment, paying extra attention to any soiled patches like cuffs and armpits. Leave to soak for ten minutes or so, longer if very dirty.
  3. Empty the bucket and fill again with clean water, moving the garment around in the water to rinse off any excess product.
  4. When removing from water, gently press the item in a ball against the side of the bucket to remove moisture. Never wring the garment as it will stretch it out of shape.
  5. To dry, lie item flat on a clean towel and gently roll like a sleeping bag. You may need to repeat this process for a very thick or very wet garment. Gently pull your garment into shape, if required and lie flat on a fresh towel or drying rack until dry.

How to prolong the life of wool and cashmere

  • Never hang your woollens, as the weight of the garment will stretch it out of shape
  • Instead, store wool and cashmere folded in a drawer or on a shelf
  • Always wash your garment before putting away to prevent moths and bugs which are attracted to dirt
  • The Eucalyptus and Lavender essential oils in the Ms BROWN Wool & Cashmere Wash will help to naturally deter moths and bugs
  • During summer, when garments are not being worn, store in fabric bags, not plastic.

A note on cashmere pilling

  • Those little pesky balls or bobbles on your jumper or scarf are caused by wearing, when other fabrics rub against the fibres. Good news is pilling can be easily removed. After washing your garment use the Ms BROWN Cashmere Comb, gently brushing down, in one direction, to remove any pills. Your cashmere will look as fresh and new as the day you purchased it.
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