Lee Mathews Journal - Alexandra Brown is LM Woman #20

Ms BROWN's founder and director, Alexandra Brown was selected as the latest Lee Mathews Woman, featured on their journal alongside other inspiring women like Elise Pioch Balzac and Saskia Havekes.

Alexandra Brown on Lee Mathews journal

An encyclopaedia of essential oils rests permanently a-top the desk of Alexandra Brown, Founder and Director of recently launched all-natural garment care label, Ms BROWN. It’s a noteworthy addition to her daily work space, providing insight not solely into the source of the botanic aromas that act to instantly describe the Ms BROWN liquids; the pages are a constant symbol to the drive behind the creation of Ms BROWN too - a movement toward a sustainable future.

Softly spoken and immaculately dressed in her signature black jeans and RM's, we meet with the compelling Alexandra Brown amidst wedding plans and new product launches to discuss the inspiration behind Ms BROWN; from a merino sheep farm to a career in fashion journalism.

You studied as a journalist and had a successful career working for the likes of Vogue & Harper’s Bazaar, what was the catalyst for the creation of Ms BROWN?

In the nine years that I worked in fashion publishing I never came across a natural, Australian-made garment care product that was as special as the clothes I wanted to wash with it. So, I thought why not try to create one!

I also believe that ‘going natural’ shouldn’t mean having to compromise on aesthetics. In my job I was exposed to so many beautiful luxury products but I wanted natural alternatives that had the same level of appreciation for design.

Before this, growing up on a merino sheep farm, I learned about natural fibres and why they’re so much better for you and the environment and why you should wash them (and everything else!) with all-natural ingredients.

Ms BROWN is comprised of 100% natural ingredients. How important was the consideration of bio & environmental sustainability in the planning stages of Ms BROWN, and ongoing? 

This is perhaps the most important element of the products and the brand. When I started this business, I didn’t want to just create a brand that sold more products that would end up in landfill. In addition to that, I wanted to create something that would have a positive impact on the environment if you made the switch to use it. This is paramount to everything we do, now and in the future.

Your childhood on a merino farm on Kangaroo Island, SA sounds idyllic, could you share with us more about this stunning part of the world?

Kangaroo Island is a beautifully unspoilt place and I feel very lucky to have grown up there. Living on the farm meant endless space and always being surrounded by nature (and animals!)

Weekends, as a kid, were spent with our family and friends with lots of kids my age, having picnics in the paddock, making flying foxes, climbing hay bales and generally getting muddy or dusty and having fun. From around age ten, anytime I wasn’t at school or playing sport, dance etc I was roaming around our property on a horse. Even the towns on the island are very small so fast food, movie theatres and bowling alley’s were just not a part of my upbringing.

I say to people visiting Australia for the first time that KI is the best of this country combined in one tiny island – beautiful beaches, incredible landscapes, abundant wildlife and delicious produce. It’s a must visit! Do I sound like I work for the local tourism body?! Haha I just love it there and think everyone should get a chance to see it.

Read the full story on the LM Journal here.

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