Ms BROWN partners with Joyce Beauty Hong Kong

Were so pleased to announce we have partnered with international luxury retailer Joyce and Ms BROWN is now available in all 11 Joyce Beauty stores across Hong Kong, including three shop within shops at Lane Crawford. It’s such an honour to see Ms BROWN sitting alongside their impeccable stable of international brands.

Joyce have shared the story of our founder’s farm upbringing and journey to creating Ms BROWN on their website. See an excerpt from the story here.


City dwellers have lost touch with nature, there is no doubt on that front. We grow up in this concrete jungle, where nature is nothing more than a mirage, so it makes sense that we have children who think that cheese grows on plants or believe that animals provide us with pasta. Hence educating city dwellers on the importance of environmental protection is like preaching to deaf ears; the absence of nature in our daily lives makes it all the more difficult for us to grasp its significance. Nature, however, has its own way of telling us how it feels. Currently considered the strongest storm of 2018, typhoon Mangkhut roared its rage across Hong Kong, whipping up the sea and dumping tons of plastic waste on the shore, some dating back to the '90s. It was a wake up call to all of us that what goes around comes around, and that nature is far from the silent victim we thought it was. 

The beauty industry has taken note of the sign, and more brands are taking strides towards becoming more environmentally conscious. Australian brand Ms Brown is one of them. 


Growing up on Kangaroo Island, which lies off the mainland in the state of South Australia, young Alexandra Brown was surrounded every day by natural beauty, she was constantly exposed to the eco-system and forced to consider how human actions have an impact on it. 

“The farm I grew up on, on Kangaroo Island, was passed down to my father from his father – our family has been farming in Australia for around 100 years. So there’s nowhere more important to be mindful of caring for the land and animals to preserve it for the next generation. Ultimately, I think it would be helpful if we all thought about the planet in this way, to protect it so that it can be enjoyed by generations to come.” 

Her respect for nature stayed with her even when she moved to Sydney to pursue her career as a journalist for magazines including Vogue Australia and Harper’s Bazaar. “Growing up on a farm certainly encouraged me from an early age to consider impacts on the environment as part of my daily decision-making processes, but perhaps then it was rather unconscious and automatic. As I have gotten older I have definitely become even more environmentally conscious and I try to improve all the time, but I’m still by no means perfect.” 

After all these years, that respect has brewed into something else: Ms Brown is an environmentally conscious lifestyle brand with a simple, considered and natural approach to products for the home and body, insisting on no synthetics, parabens, sulphates or toxic chemicals. One of the brand's hero products is the wool and cashmere wash, a tribute to her roots in Kangaroo Island. “Growing up on a merino wool farm we wore wool a lot. When you’re wearing something every day you have to wash it – I grew up being very comfortable wearing it and washing it. But after I grew up, I realised there was not one laundry wash out there that was as special as the clothes I wanted to wash with it.

“Many people are still nervous about caring for wool clothing, but they don't need to be, as wool is by its very nature a resilient fabric that’s also naturally stain resistant. I suppose my mother initially showed me how to wash it correctly (in tepid water either by hand or on a gentle machine cycle using mild soap and eucalyptus) and I filled in any gaps as I became older and more independent with Google. Now, I love that many people ask me for advice on how to wash their clothes using our garment care collection.”

Read the full story on here.

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