The Woolmark Company — Former Vogue editor is bringing style and responsibility to an overlooked industry

170807_MSBROWN1787.jpg catches up with Ms BROWN founder, Alexandra Brown.

By Sophie Joy Wright

Caring for the fabrics in your home and those that you wear needn’t be a traumatic task, nor costly, nor even inelegant, as Alexandra Brown has set out prove with her new brand of laundry products, Ms BROWN.

There’s a certain allure that comes with wearing a beautiful wool garment, though the work that goes on behind the scenes – the work to maintain the garment not to mention the growing and production that comes before this – often garners less interest. After spending nine years working as a journalist and opinion leader at the best women’s fashion and lifestyle magazines in Australia, Alexandra Brown realised that there was something off balance in her industry.

“Throughout my career at Vogue and Vogue Living I never came across a natural, Australian-made garment care product that was as special as the clothes I wanted to wash with it,” said Brown. “So, I set about creating a selection of products that would be gentle yet still efficacious and be safe for the user, their precious clothes and the environment, while still having an element of luxury.”

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