Vogue.com.au — Winter is ending: here’s what you should be doing with your woollens



Vogue Australia asked us for some wool care tips...

By Francesca Wallace.

When preparing for the warmer months ahead, it isn’t likely you’re thinking of what to do with your woollen clothes.

Whether you prefer to stash them away out of sight and out of reach, or just forget about them altogether, correctly storing your winter woollies is integral to maintaining healthy and happy clothing. 

“The most important time to care for your woollens is now, at the end of winter and start of spring. You won’t be wearing your knitwear as often in spring and summer so it’s important it is cleaned and stored properly to prevent damage.” says Alexandra Brown, the driving force behind Australia’s coolest (yes, wool wash can be cool) new natural wool wash, Ms BROWN. 

Now, Brown, who is somewhat of an expert in the field — having worked in both fashion publishing and growing up on a merino sheep farm in South Australia —  has some sage advice for caring for your winter jumpers...

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